What is tidysquare?

There are a lot of venues in foursquare that need tidying up - duplicates, wrong locations, empty addresses, and so on. This makes it harder to find places to check in to, gain badges, and become mayor.

Some venues, such as landmarks, don't have phone numbers or postal codes, and that's fine, but there are tons of regular places - shops, bars, etc - that should at least have an address line and a city. I put this site together to find these venues and help keep foursquare tidy, and to try out the foursquare API.

If you added the venue in the first place, or you are the mayor, then you can correct it yourself, but if not, you need to be a foursquare superuser.

If you're not a superuser, you can report corrections to one of these threads, specific to your region, and a superuser will make the corrections for you:

When reporting corrections, make sure you provide as much detail as you can. Use this site to find the correct pin location (see below the map), and use your favourite search engine and online Yellow Pages to find addresses, postal codes and phone numbers.

Feel free to add any comments or suggestions below.

Help keep foursquare tidy!

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